The future is remote. Code tutoring services are no exception. I would imagine most code tutoring are already happening online and if not it will be in the near future for sure. This brief post will just go over some of things you can do to have a better code tutoring experience and to maximize what you pay for. Just the keep the following things in mind when working with a coding tutor.

1) Speed

I highly recommend have an internet connection that is at least 20 Megabits per second. Wired is better than wireless. Additionally I recommend programming on a Mac machine with at least 8 GB of memory and an i7 processor.

2) Close Your Apps / Tabs / Windows

Close everything except your editor, browser (if needed), compiler tools and or any other tools needed to tackle the current programming challenge. Nothing is lost. Please do no resist closing windows/tabs that you think you might ‘need’ in the future. Trust me when I say this, 99.99% of the time you do not those extra tabs / windows and apps that you have open. Just close them. It promise it will make your development work quiet a bit easier and less stressful.

3) Organize your Files

I am always amazed how many code newbs have multiple versions / copies of their code. You should never get confused where your code resides. It should be very clear. And there should only be one copy on your local machine. This doesn’t mean you can’t have backup version on github or google drive. I am talking about your local machine only. Also, please use succinct, clear names for your folders and file names. Don’t use spaces. Coding and spaces in names just don’t get along. So avoid spaces when naming things.

4) It’s OK Not to Know

A tutors job is to listen, to be patient and explain things clearly and without letting frustrations and ego get in the way. However the person getting tutoring also has some responsibilities. His/Her job is to be humble and not turn the tutoring session into a validation session. You cannot expect help but insist/act like you already know this stuff. Knowing and accepting what you don’t know is the foundation of personal and professional growth. Come into the session humble and ready to learn. It is 100% OK not to know. But what is NOT OK is to deny what you don’t know.

5) Be Professional

Please be aware that tutors have other students and they have to be smart about managing sessions. So please pay attention to the tutors instructions on how to schedule and pay for sessions. It will make your tutors job a lot easier. For some tutors maybe even most tutors avoid phone calls if possible. It’s just weird. Email is best and in rare instances maybe (maybe) text message. Also, please pay within a reasonable time (30 minutes or less) after your session ends. Also, don’t forget to cancel and or re-schedule any sessions that you cannot attend. Obviously, the same goes for running late. One last thing, if you are reaching out to a coding tutor for the first time. Please provide the tutor with some context. As in,

Hi, I am ____. I am a Coding Bootcamp student who currently needs help with Node.js. Is this something you can help me with?

Well, there you have it. Just some of the things to keep in mind when working with a remote coding tutor.

Happy Coding!

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