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Too Many Tabs Open! – Tips for a Minimalist Coding Environment

Learning how to code can be overwhelming with so much information to process. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of browser tabs, but opening too many tabs can actually hinder your progress. Trust me, there’s a secret benefit… Continue Reading →

How to Ask a Coding Question on Stack Overflow

As a programmer, you will likely encounter coding problems that you can’t solve on your own. This is where Stack Overflow comes in – a popular online community where developers can ask and answer coding questions. But if you’re new… Continue Reading →

Understanding Semantic Search and Its Impact on SEO

As search engines continue to evolve, so does the way we search for information online. Semantic search is a key development in this evolution, allowing search engines to better understand the context and meaning behind user queries. This, in turn,… Continue Reading →

How to Choose the Right Coding Bootcamp for Your Goals

Coding bootcamps are an increasingly popular way to jumpstart a career in tech. These intensive programs offer students the chance to learn coding skills in a short period of time, often with the promise of job placement assistance upon completion…. Continue Reading →

How to Get Coding Help When You’re Stuck: Tips from Expert Tutors

Coding can be a challenging task, even for experienced programmers. If you’re new to coding, it can be especially difficult to overcome obstacles and continue making progress. But don’t worry – you don’t have to go it alone. In this… Continue Reading →

JavaScript For-Loops

Do you think you understand for-loops in JavaScript? Do you want to test your JavaScript for-loops knowledge? You came to the right place! What are JavaScript For-Loops JavaScript For-Loops are just loops. They exist in almost every single programming language…. Continue Reading →

Get Tutoring for Your White Board Coding Challenge

Be Less Nervous I have been tutoring in coding topics for a couple of years now. One of the requests I get every once in a while is how to best prepare for a coding challenge during an interview. The… Continue Reading →

Create Git Repository and Push Your Code to it ?‍?️

So you are a coding Bootcamp ? student and you need to push your local code to a repository on your GitHub account. I assume you have a GitHub account and have it set up already. If not, that’s OK…. Continue Reading →

10 Simple JavaScript String Exercises

Practice your JavaScript skills by completing these string related exercises that I personally picked off codewars. While the focus is on JavaScript strings most of these exercises also touch on loops and arrays. I tried to pick relatively easy JavaScript… Continue Reading →

Git This – Intro to Git on a Mac

You are a new developer who needs to start working with Git (on a Mac) and I am a “senior entry-level” developer who can hopefully help. Here we go! Have you installed Git? Pull up a terminal and run the… Continue Reading →

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