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JavaScript For-Loops

Do you think you understand for-loops in JavaScript? Do you want to test your JavaScript for-loops knowledge? You came to the right place! What are JavaScript For-Loops JavaScript For-Loops are just loops. They exist in almost every single programming language…. Continue Reading →

Get Tutoring for Your White Board Coding Challenge

Be Less Nervous I have been tutoring in coding topics for a couple of years now. One of the requests I get every once in a while is how to best prepare for a coding challenge during an interview. The… Continue Reading →

Create Git Repository and Push Your Code to it 👨‍💻️

So you are a coding Bootcamp 🎓 student and you need to push your local code to a repository on your GitHub account. I assume you have a GitHub account and have it set up already. If not, that’s OK…. Continue Reading →

10 Simple JavaScript String Exercises

Practice your JavaScript skills by completing these string related exercises that I personally picked off codewars. While the focus is on JavaScript strings most of these exercises also touch on loops and arrays. I tried to pick relatively easy JavaScript… Continue Reading →

Git This – Intro to Git on a Mac

You are a new developer who needs to start working with Git (on a Mac) and I am a “senior entry-level” developer who can hopefully help. Here we go! Have you installed Git? Pull up a terminal and run the… Continue Reading →

Subscribe Member Using MailChimp API and PHP

Here is how you can quickly add a member to your Mailchimp mailing list through PHP and using the Mailchimp API. Step 1 – GET API Helper File Go to https://github.com/drewm/mailchimp-api Grab the MailChimp.php inside the src folder Place it… Continue Reading →

10 Simple Javascript For-Loop Exercises

Here 10 simple javascript For-Loop Exercises to test your introductory-level understanding of Javascript For-Loops. Use for-loops in all of your solutions below. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for an embedded compiler. Exercise 1) Get the sum of… Continue Reading →

Latest Coding News

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Be an informed coding student and stay up to date on the latest coding news courtesy of Google news.

Stop Robot Sign Ups on Your Devise Rails Application Using Google’s reCAPTCHA v3

Let’s see if I remember the exact steps I took to add reCAPTCHA v3 to my rails application… Local Development Gemfile Add ‘recaptcha’ gem Run bundle install .env I am setting my environment variables using .env. Oh yeah, if you… Continue Reading →

Finally an Alternative to Stackoverflow

I don’t know about you but I have a LOVE, HATE relationship with Stackoverflow. I love to view stackoverflow answers, but I don’t like posting on stackoverflow. It’s just too intimidating! People are mean disguised as ‘intelligent’. It reeks of… Continue Reading →

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