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Be Less Nervous

I have been tutoring in coding topics for a couple of years now. One of the requests I get every once in a while is how to best prepare for a coding challenge during an interview. The answer is simple: practice. But beyond the obvious practice advice is to have somebody conduct a mock technical interview. That way you will be a lot less nervous during the technical interview.

Small Co-Hort Session

I have decided to offer a small co-hort coding challenge session. In this session I will ask each student to solve a coding challenge. This way you will not only practice trying to solve a coding problem in front of a small group of people but also observe how others go about solving a coding challenge.

During each assigned challenge I will ask questions just like during an actual coding challenge. And after each challenge I will go over the solution to make sure you guys hear and see what an acceptable solution would be.


I have the decided the programming language would be in JavaScript and you are expected to know the fundamentals of JavaScript.

Be prepared to know loops, arrays, strings, functions and other fundamental concepts.

Two Types of Challenges

I have gone through both a basic – something you would have to go through – and more advanced technical challenges (Amazon). While I would not be able to help with the more advanced challenges since I struggle with those myself I can definitely help with the more basic challenges.


So if you are looking for your first developer job and you think you know JavaScript I would highly recommend into looking into this special tutoring session.

Each session is an hour and half long and will not include more than two other students besides yourself. The session cost $49 which in my opinion is well worth what you get in return.

Email Me

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