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Road to React Book Addon Video Series

Want to learn React.js using a great book? Well, I didn’t write a great book on React.js but somebody else (Robin Wieruch) did and I decided to create a video add-on series going over each chapter. Why? Simple. Every book… Continue Reading →

JavaScript For-Loops

Do you think you understand for-loops in JavaScript? Do you want to test your JavaScript for-loops knowledge? You came to the right place! What are JavaScript For-Loops JavaScript For-Loops are just loops. They exist in almost every single programming language…. Continue Reading →

10 Simple JavaScript String Exercises

Practice your JavaScript skills by completing these string related exercises that I personally picked off codewars. While the focus is on JavaScript strings most of these exercises also touch on loops and arrays. I tried to pick relatively easy JavaScript… Continue Reading →

10 Simple Javascript For-Loop Exercises

Here 10 simple javascript For-Loop Exercises to test your introductory-level understanding of Javascript For-Loops. Use for-loops in all of your solutions below. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for an embedded compiler. Exercise 1) Get the sum of… Continue Reading →

Web Development Cheat Sheet

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The following is a compilation (in a cheat sheet format) of the most common steps when starting a new web development project. It includes info on git, loading CSS and JavaScript files and how to debug your page. Git Cheat… Continue Reading →

Arrays Explained

What is an Array? Arrays are a popular type of data structure. What is a Data Structure? In computer science, a data structure is a data organization, management and storage format that enables efficient access and modification.[1][2][3] More precisely, a data structure is a collection of data… Continue Reading →

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