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Web Development Cheat Sheet

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The following is a compilation (in a cheat sheet format) of the most common steps when starting a new web development project. It includes info on git, loading CSS and JavaScript files and how to debug your page. Git Cheat… Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Dumb Young Coder

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I don’t believe in “I wish I knew this sooner” mentality but if I did…I would say I wish I knew the following in regards to learning how to code. Coding Rabbit Holes Avoid coding rabbit holes at all cost!… Continue Reading →

The Incredibly Exciting World of Web Development

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Are you considering becoming a developer? I just wanted to highlight some of the incredible benefits of choosing web development over some of the alternative paths such as mobile, backend development or testing. Read on to learn more. It’s about… Continue Reading →

The 10 Command Lines

There are thousands of linux/mac commands. But you only need to know less than a dozen commands to get by as a new developer. Here are the top 10 command line commands every new developer should know. ls – List… Continue Reading →

How I Got Web Push Notifications to Work on my Site Using Airship

Here is what I did to be able to send web push notification to users on my site who accepted receiving them. I found Airship’s documentation site slightly on the confusing side although the following page was helpful. I… Continue Reading →

How I Got a Contact Us Form Inside a HTML Template to Work

So you downloaded an amazing website template that you just can’t wait to work with. You were able to customize the whole template except for the contact form part. You realize that it takes some backend work in order for… Continue Reading →

How to Enable Mic on TeamViewer

This is brief overview on how to enable the mic on TeamViewer for both Windows and Mac. Windows Method 1) Expand the ‘mini’ TeamViewer window Click on Headphones then under Audio click on the crossed out mic Method 2) Open… Continue Reading →

How to Grant Access in TeamViewer

Here is a quick overview of how to grant access in TeamViewer to a remote user that you are connecting to. Scroll down for Mac instructions. Windows There are two methods to enable access in windows. Method 1) Get to… Continue Reading →

Getting Started with SASS on Mac OS X

Step 1) Get Homebrew and xcode Check if you have Homebrew. Run the following command in the terminal Install Homebrew if you don’t have it. Type the following command into your terminal. You might need to install/update xcode as well…. Continue Reading →

Adding ‘I am not a robot’ reCAPTCHA to PHP Form

Here what I did to add a ‘I am not a robot’ reCAPTCHA box to my PHP form. Step 1 (Register Site with reCAPTCHA) Go to Register your site Select reCAPTCHA v2Verify requests with a challenge Then select “I’m… Continue Reading →

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