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EMAIL me more info on the help you need.

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At the scheduled session time JOIN me using the Zoom link in your calendly email.

You can cancel or re-schedule as many times as you like!

Code Tutoring FAQ


Do I need to download anything?

Yes. You need Zoom for all code tutoring sessions. You can download it here.

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What is your availability?

I am usually available between 9 am and 7 PM Pacific Standard Time (California). And most weekends! If you can book me through calendly then I am available!


Can you complete an assignment for me and I will pay you?

I am sorry but I cannot do an assignment or take a test for you. But I would love to help you understand an assignment and or prepare for a test/quiz.

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Do I have to login into anything for our sessions?

No. Just have Zoom installed and be ready to learn.

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Do you do meet in person?

I am sorry but I do not meet in person for code tutoring. With a great tool like Zoom there is really no need to.

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Do you do you freelance work?

Sorry but I don't.

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Do you offer help with other subjects besides Java and Web Development?

Currently I only offer help with core Java and Web Development coding technologies. However to be sure whether or not I can help send me an email ( with more information on what you need help with.

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What kind of background do you have?

I work out of Los Angeles, CA and have a bachelors in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico along with three years of professional experience. My experience include an internship at Sandia National Laboratory and working for Lockheed Martin and James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertaintment and currently at I have mostly done backend Java work.

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Do you have other tutors?

No. It's just me, Avan. I cover basic Java and Web Development coding topics.

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Can we talk on the phone before we start tutoring?

Sure. Please text me (424-265-8062) to check my availability for a phone call.

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What forms of payment do you accept? How/when do I pay?

I accept Credit/Debit Cards
Payments will securly be collected when you book your session using Calendly.

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What if I still have a question?

Send me an email (, use the live chat feature or Click Here

Code Tutoring Testimonials

Avan is a great tutor and teacher if you want someone to be available to give you in depth 1 on 1 knowledge. Other places will teach you how to do things and push you through but might not actually stop to make sure you truly understand why you do something. That’s what is different about Avan. He takes the time to make sure you fully comprehend the material and he’s always there for you to guide you every step of the way. Avan sincerely cares about his students and his passion for teaching really shows. Don’t ever be afraid to ask a “stupid” question. He’s very patient and kind and his number one priority is to see you succeed. Even when bugs are not obviously solved at the moment, Avan will take the time to figure it out with you together. I give my full recommendation! "

Coding Bootcamp Student

At first, i was doubtful this was even going to be helpful, but after banging my head for 3 days, I gave Avan a shot. Avan, know React material well to show me how the objects and files are connected to each other. Will DEFINITELY use Avan AGAIN!!! A+++++++++ "

Mark N.

I was skeptical about taking online tutoring because of the ways they teach which was exactly what you see on youtube, very hard to understand. I took a chance with Avan after reading his profile and experience. On our first lesson together online I was nervous because i didnt know what to expect and would think he would be like any other tutors which would be difficult to understand and comprehend. Not with Avan, not only he took his tutoring seriously he understands exactly where I stand, what level im at and broke down his teachings to where i actually and finally can understand a teachers language. I havent been to school or taken any classes for nearly 30 years and learning web development is not so easy. After the first few minutes with Avan, he made me feel at ease and comfortable. Ive learned so much about javascript in an hour and Avan saved me alot of time researching online. I've already had my second tutoring with him and cant wait to schedule another. He's very professional, very skilled, very knowledgale and easy to understand. "

Melvin T.
College Course

He is really good, hands down! Fixed my mess in 28 minutes! :) Other tutors would find reasons to waste your time so they can keep your hourly rate rolling, which is definitely not the case here! Thanks again! "

Anton L.
College Computer Science Student

10/10. Super clear, supportive, and patient. I'm able to do much more on my own because of our sessions!""

Megan Y.
UCB Bootcamp Student

Avan has helped me with my MERN stack applications. He is extremely flexible and is able to help solve problems while giving clear step-by-step explanations. I highly highly recommend him to any beginner and advanced developer!”

Matt Bower
Professional Developer

Beyond Excellence! Knowledgeable, understanding, a genuine teacher at heart! Despite the fact that I didn’t have any prior knowledge in computer science or the curriculum for AP Computer Science, and could only show him my working sheets, Avan was able to explain the fundamentals and to walk me through the necessary principles needed in order to do homework and to do great on my quizzes and tests. He has the gift of knowledge and patience, and he’s also resourceful. But his greatest attribute is making the most difficult concepts easy. Thanks to him I’m doing great in my AP Computer class, keeping my grade in the 90’s. Additionally, he’s really flexible and accommodating with dates and times and his prices are really reasonable. I’m happy I found him and hope others can find him too. I know how frustrating and scary a subject can be when you have no understanding of it. I highly recommend him!”

Ryan K.
AP Computer Science Student

Avan is very patient and explains concepts thoroughly. Makes sure you understand the material. Great guy as well as a teacher. Honest, fast, and easy!”

Mike Epke
Online Course

Avan is a great tutor, very supportive and flexible with the hours. I am getting his help with my Java classes and am really happy. His explanations are very clear and on point, he makes sure I understand all the small details of the course and teaches me to resolve the problems in a few different ways which I find really helpful, and it helps me to find my own way. Overall, I am highly satisfied with his teaching/tutoring skills, and would definitely recommend. Thank you”

Eldor E.

Avan did a terrific job walking me through the concepts so I could continue working the project on my own. I would highly recommend him and will consider him first for any future tutoring needs I have.”

Cameron M.
Airship SDK

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