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EMAIL me avan@avantutor.com.

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At the SCHEDULED session time EMAIL me your teamviewer id and password then CALL me on 424-265-8062.

* Please pay within 5-minutes after your session ends using PayPal or Debit/Card.


Do I need to download anything?

Yes. TeamViewer. You can download it here.

Do I have to login into anything for our sessions?

No. Just have Teamviwer installed and be ready to learn.

Do you do meet in person?

I am sorry but I do not meet in person. With a great tool like TeamViwer there is really no need to.

Do you do you freelance work?

Yes. Send me an email, or use the form on this page, to provide me a little info on what you need help with.

Do you offer help with other subjects besides Java and Web Development?

Currently I only offer help with core Java and Web Development technologies. However to be sure whether or not I can help send me an email (avan@avantutor.com) with more information on what you need help with.

What kind of background do you have?

I work out of Los Angeles, CA and have a bachelors in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico along with three years of professional experience. My experience include an internship at Sandia National Laboratory and working for Lockheed Martin and James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertaintment. I have mostly done backend Java work.

Do you have other tutors?

No. It's just me, Avan. I cover basic Java and Web Development topics.

What forms of payment do you accept? How/when do I pay?

I accept Credit/Debit Cards and PAYPAL.

You pay after your first hour of tutoring to make sure you are completley satisfied with the service.

Please be courteous and pay within 5-minutes after your session ends. Thank You!

What if I still have a question?

Send me an email (avan@avantutor.com), use the live chat feature or Click Here


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