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Java Tutor

What to Look for in a Java Tutor

The first question should be how advanced is the Java help that I am seeking. That will narrow down your Java tutor search. Generally speaking you can place your Java tutoring help into one of two categories. Beginner/entry level Java help and advanced Java help. Examples of Advanced Java help inlude help with college graduate level courses or even 200+ undergraduate courses. Advanced Java help also includes help at a professional level meaning Java help that you need for work. Everything else should fall into the beginner/entry level category. For advanced Java help you need a Java tutor with several years of professional experience or a graduate degree. But if you are ever not sure if a Java tutor is the right fit simply ask for a free intro session.

What Kind of Java Tutoring I Offer

I am a Web Development and Java Tutor and I can help with beginner level Java problems. I have tutored AP Computer Science students, people who are taking online Java courses and people who are taking entry level college courses that teach in Java. Tutoring in Java is actually my favorite type of tutoring. I love it and I feel like I am good at it. I personally like using Eclipse for my Java IDE but I can work with any other kind of IDE.

How to Find Other Java Tutors

I created a site dedicated just to finding and working with Java tutors! Here are some of the sites that offer list Java tutors that I mentioned on my other site:


    Wyzant web page screenshot

    codementor web page screenshot

    heytutor web page screenshot

    care web page screenshot

    varsitytutors web page screenshot

Top Ten Resources for Java Tutoring

  1. (Downloading Java)
  2. Eclipse (Downloading Eclipse)
  3. Repl (Free Online Java Editor)
  4. Stack Overflow (Coding Q&A Site)
  5. Ask Avan (New Developer Friendly Q&A Site)
  6. w3Schools (Online Java Tutorials)
  7. Oracle Docs (Official Java Docs)
  8. Github (Code Repository)
  9. Chrome (Recommended Browser)
  10. The 10 Command Lines (Top Ten Linux Commands)

How You Can Receive Java Tutoring from Me

Scheduling a Java tutoring session is simple.

  1. Schedule a Java tutoring session using this Calendly link
  2. Download and install Zoom
  3. Follow up with an email with more details regarding the Java tutoring help you are looking for. My email is
  4. Lastly, join the Java tutoring session using the zoom link sent via the calendly confirmation email.
That's it. You pay after your session as long as you were satisfied with the service you received.

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