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I don’t know about you but I have a LOVE, HATE relationship with Stackoverflow. I love to view stackoverflow answers, but I don’t like posting on stackoverflow. It’s just too intimidating! People are mean disguised as ‘intelligent’. It reeks of insecurities and arrogance. I felt like we needed an alternative to StackOverflow – a code newbie friendly site if you will. A site where you can ask your coding questions without having to be perfect in phrasing them. Because AskAvan helps you with that! Unlike stackoverflow, AskAvan doesn’t punish you if you don’t ask correctly – forgive me if I misunderstood stackoverflow’s reputation system. But in either case, on AskAvan you just won’t get an answer if you are lazy about requesting help. That is it.

AskAvan Reputation System

As of right now the AskAvan reputation system does not affect how you can ask and answer questions. Ask and answer without restrictions! Assuming you are not blatantly abusing the system of course. Additionally, you can always improve your reputation system. You can start asking ‘better’ (formatted) questions and or answering questions.

No One Started as A Professional Programmer (Except Bill!)

We have ALL been newbs once. Let’s remember that! You should get help in your code learning endeavor without having to feel ‘stupid’. There is no need for that.

How to Get an Answer to Your Coding Question on AskAvan

Simple. Keep it simple, professional and disclose all necessary information. That is it. Do not post vague questions! Be specific!

Select the Correct Coding Answer

Once people (mostly me as of now) have answered your question please make sure to select a correct answer! This goes a long way and will hopefully help others find the right answer to your question.

Share Your Coding Question on Facebook

If you want to increase your chance of getting answer to you coding question share your post on Facebook (or any other social media platform with public posting ability). This will also help with finding your question and any subsequent answers on google.

How to Answer a Coding Question

First rule, be friendly and professional. Other than that make sure not to assume anything about the person asking the question. Keep it simple and to the point. Give concrete examples not just links or explanations.

Try It

Asking coding questions the right way is a skill that can be improved. And the best way to improve is to start asking coding questions online. So go ahead and try posting on AskAvan. You have nothing to loose. Also remember that you can always hire me on AvanTutor.Com if you need live one-on-one help.

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